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Learn Spanish in San Rafael near Medellin

 A unique opportunity to not simply learn Spanish, but immerse yourself in Colombian culture.


The place to learn Spanish near Medellin Colombia

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We are a couple of young Colombians who do not simply want to teach you Spanish, but immerse you in our beautiful culture. We believe that true progress happens outside the classroom. Therefore, we organize different cultural and outdoor activities besides our Spanish classes. In this way, you can put your newly acquired knowledge and skills immediately into practice.

We are located in San Rafael, a small and friendly town only a two-hour drive from Medellin. In contrast to Medellin, barely anyone speaks English here giving you the opportunity to meet local people and practice your Spanish. We also try to help you blend in with the local people through our various activities and teach you more about the local life.

Do not simply learn Spanish, but immerse yourself in our culture

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Immerse yourself in our culture

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