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How to get to Eco Language Colombia

Getting from Medellin to San Rafael by bus

There are two bus terminals in Medellin. Buses to San Rafael leave from Medellin’s North Terminal (la Terminal del Norte).

When you get to the Terminal del Norte make your way to the bus companies on the ground floor. You will see that each company has a number above their desk. You can choose from two bus companies to get to San Rafael. The first one is Sotrapeñol at desk number 9 and the second is Sotrasanvicente at desk 14.

The journey takes around three hours. There is sometimes a brief stop at a café on the way. More information including how to contact the bus companies on the Terminales Medellin website.

Getting to San Rafael from Guatape, San Carlos or Alejandria

Are you already around the area? You can find direct buses from Guatape, San Carlos and Alejandria to San Rafael. Each of these journeys will take between 45 minutes to an hour. 

Find us in San Rafael

We are located on a hill overlooking San Rafael. When you enter San Rafael, cross the bridge on your right. After you have crossed the bridge turn left, and then turn right. Walk up the hill and you will find us on your right.

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