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Frequently Asked Questions

About the School

How do I register for the classes?

By filling out our registration form! If you are interested but not ready to register, you can fill out our contact form and we will answer any questions you have.

You can also simply reach out to us over WhatsApp:  (+57) 314 740 6490


How much do the classes cost?

You can find our packages here. If you have requests that are not mentioned in the packages, feel free to contact us and we will accommodate your needs.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do! We offer discounts for students that book classes for multiple weeks. More information can be found on the packages page. 

Where will I stay?

The packages include overnight stays in the four-people dorm on-site. There is also a kitchen free to use and a nice lounging area. The school is situated on the outskirts of San Rafael and set up spaciously with a beautiful garden. It is the perfect place to relax after your classes.

Do you also have private rooms?

Yes, there are. If you would like to book a private room please indicate that on the registration form. Prices for the private rooms can be found on the packages page. 

Do you have Wifi?

Yes, we do. However, at shared meals we prefer personal over internet connection! 

About the classes

Do you accept beginners?

Yes, we do! Whether you are completely new to Spanish or are only looking to fine-tune your skills, Eco Language Colombia is the right school for you.

Is it possible to take private classes?

Depending on availability of our teachers we also give private classes. Please contact us for more information and availability.

Is the focus of the classes on speaking listening or writing?

At Eco Language Colombia the main focus of the classes is on speaking ability. However, if you are looking to improve your reading and/or writing, our teachers will emphasize these skills for you.

Do I need to buy study material for the classes?

There is no need for you to carry around heavy literature on your trip. We will provide all the study materials you need.

About the region


Where is the school located?

Eco Language Colombia is located on the outskirts of the colonial town of San Rafael, Antiquoia. Providing the tranquility you need for learning Spanish, but also just a five minute walk from the center of the town.

How do I get to San Rafael?

The easiest way to go to San Rafael is flying into Medellin. From Medellin there are busses which head directly towards San Rafael. There are two bus terminals in Medellin. Buses to San Rafael leave from Medellin’s North Terminal (la Terminal del Norte).

When you get to Terminal del Norte make your way to the bus companies on the ground floor. You will see that each company has a number above their desk. You can choose from two bus companies to get to San Rafael. The first one is Sotrapeñol at desk number 9 and the second is Sotrasanvicente at desk 14.

The journey takes around three hours. There is sometimes a brief stop at a cafe on the way. More information including how to contact the bus companies can be found on the Terminales Medellin website.

Is San Rafael safe?

Since the Colombian Peace Process (2012) is in place Colombia has gone through major changes. Since then Colombia has parted with its violent history and has become of the most exciting destinations of tourists in South America. 

How touristic is San Rafael?

San Rafael is not touristic. One of the reasons we decided to base the school in San Rafael is to allow you to immerse in the actual Colombian culture. You will often be the only tourist wandering around through town.

What is there to do in San Rafael?

San Rafael is located in the mountainous region of Antiquoia. It is a region that is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities such as hiking, tubing and canyoning. During your stay, we will also visit a local producer of coffee, chocolate or panela. Last but not least, we often go swimming at one of the charcos (natural pools) in the afternoon with the entire school to cool down.