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Immerse in our culture

Put your newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice outside the classroom.

Cultural immersion tours

Our goal is not to simply learn you Spanish, but immerse you in our culture. To help you improve your Spanish outside the classroom tambien, we want to show you part of our culture through one of our cultural tours.

Visit a local finca del cafe

In Colombia we are proud that our coffee (Arabic coffee) is considered among the best in the world. As San Rafael is located in one of our most famous coffee regions, we want to show you how our coffee is produced by visiting a local finca.

See how chocolate is made

A hot chocolate milk and an arepa con queso on the side, et voilá you have yourself a true Colombian breakfast. Want to try some local cocoa or chocolate first hand? We will show you how this is produced true Colombian style.

Find out what they do at Trapiches

¿Qué es panela?, you might wonder. For sure we can tell you it is delicious, but we rather have you try it yourself when we take you to one of the local trapiches.

Language Exchange

San Rafael is a small and friendly town where barely anyone speaks English. This gives you the opportunity to meet local people and practice your Spanish. We also try to help you blend in with the local people by organizing various activities. In this way, you will not simply improve your Spanish, but learn more about local life in the meantime.


Every wednesday evening we organize an intercambo. The local people are just as keen to learn English as you are to improve your Spanish. Therefore, we organize this language exchange and provide fun games such as Pictionary and Heads Up to practice your language skills in a fun and relaxed way.


It rarely drops below 20 degrees Celcius in San Rafael and when the sun comes out it can get pretty hot around here. Therefore, in the afternoon we often go to charcos to cool off. We locals love to hangout at these natural pools, which also provides the perfect opportunity to chat a little.

Family style living

Studying with Eco Language Colombia differs from other schools as learning is not over when classes are finished. With us you will improve your Spanish the entire day. We offer family style accommodation where we are living together with you and other students. This means that we can keep on practicing your Spanish during our shared meals or in the lounge area.